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"A strong retail display solution can make a substantial difference in product visibility." - In retail, getting your products off the shelves and into high-traffic areas is one of the best ways to catch the attention of your customers. And you have endless possibilities when you combine ideas with excellent visual graphics. So, are you ready to launch your products by standing out from the rest? Well, K Square Advertising is the perfect solution for creating a custom POP display that makes a lasting impression. Our experience and expertise will help you to achieve excellence in retail display installation services.

Retail Display Services We Offer

Retail display units can transform stores and completely improve customers’ shopping experiences. An effective display unit can enhance sales of even the most basic products by highlighting it. So, as a prominent retail interior fit out company in India, we understand the unique requirements of every project and provide customised solutions that will suit your business goals. We are committed to promoting your brand presence through innovative and impactful retail displays, ensuring a lasting impression on your customers and driving success for your business. Some of our key retail display services are:

  • Standalone POP Displays
  • Retail Shelving Display
  • 3D Modelling
  • 2D Drafting Modeling & Rendering
  • After-sales Support
Retail Display Solutions:

Key To A Successful Business

First impressions are always important. Likewise, in the retail industry, a customer's first reaction can make the difference between a sale and a lost sale. The best possible visual representation of your products should always be available in your retail location, and it should always look its best. The benefits of choosing the best Retail display solutions are:

  • Promoting special offers or seasonal sales events
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Encouraging impulse sales
  • Utilising available space in your footprint
Retail display installation services
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To Optimise Your Retail Displays?

K Square Advertising focuses on designing an ultimate shopping experience for your clients and POP displays. Our Retail Store Fixtures in India are made of wood and Mild steel. From the initial design to the product's ultimate launch, our team is here to ensure that your display unit solutions look great. Additionally, we have the know-how and established procedures to guarantee that everything proceeds according to your plan, enabling you to complete the sale and have your display ready on time. Trust us; our services are not only limited to civil work; we also provide the best visual advertising solutions in India.


The display unit serves as both a support for signage and an advertisement. You can use it to draw attention to a particular product, a product category, or an offer. The three primary functions of the display unit are to inform, draw attention, and function.

The acronym "point of purchase" can sometimes be used to describe both POP and POS screens. This is because their purpose is to increase the visibility of your business. POP displays are dispersed throughout the store, while POS displays are typically placed nearer to the register, where the actual product transaction takes place.

POP displays are usually located at each passage end or in the centre of the store. Because these displays create a store within a store, they give your products more exposure and branding opportunities.